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Existing Systems 

Maintenance and Remedials

The Argus Fire service team is totally committed to the provision of timely cost effective and personalized maintenance programmes designed to assist our customers in maintaining and improving their investments in people and property.

Argus Fire believes in working smarter hence we have developed an integrated 'one stop' team capable of delivering a no hassle solution to your compliance requirements.

One Technician, one contact, total commitment.

We service sprinkler systems, fire alarms, hose-reels, extinguishers, magnetic hold open devices and emergency lighting without repeat visits, and yes these cost savings are passed on to you.

Other benefits of utilizing the skills of an integrated service team are:

  • Single, simple and clear service contacts.
  • No strings attached in fine print.
  • Fast, flexible and clear reporting procedures
  • Stronger relationships built between client and technician
  • Reduced interruptions to production
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Fitouts / Upgrades

Whether your existing fire protection system is two or twenty years old, Argus engineers will conduct a comprehensive assessment of the building, the existing systems and components and provide you with recommendations regarding system and component upgrades that are tailored to suit the building purpose and budget.

System and component upgrades are conducted by skilled engineers and can be carried out in line with building refurbishment work or in isolation while business operations continue.

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