The Argus Fire Protection culture is about encouragement, delivering the standards we believe in, and following the principles that should underpin our team’s efforts. They are the essential building blocks of our team.

Over time all other things may change but our organisational values should not. The 5 Pillars that make up the Argus Way, are detailed below, serve as the building blocks of the strong culture we have that supports our day-to-day operations.


To protect your people, your business, your livelihood, and your property, through tailored fire protection solutions.


  • We will be the recognised fire protection brand and stand head and shoulders above everyone else.
  • We will be the best – but not necessarily the biggest.
  • Our services will be in demand.
  • Our vibrant and energised team will live our dream.


  • Value and respect our fellow team members and our customers.
  • Do the right thing by doing things right, so everybody wins.
  • Excellent service at a fair price.
  • Compliance driven – profitability focused.


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  • “Everybody wins”.
  • Encourage and support our people to grow and develop.
  • Eliminate surprises.
  • Build and retain trust.
  • Flexible and adaptable.
  • ”Our word is our bond”.
  • Loyalty is acknowledged and rewarded.
  • We are a useful and valuable resource.

Wellness and

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  • Everyone goes home safe and healthy each day.
  • Care about and support the wellbeing, development and success of every team member.
  • Zero harm environment through positive reinforcement of safe behaviours.
  • Safety first – safety is considered in every decision and action.

Professionalism, technical excellence and compliance driven – “the best in the industry”

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  • Always compliance driven.
  • Exceeding industry, Argus and customer expectations.
  • Pursue excellence in everything we do.
  • Taking ownership and responsibility for our work and actions.
  • 100% quality at all times.
  • Being fair in our dealings and decisions.
  • Show respect to others and be approachable.

Creativity and

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  • Be the industry leader.
  • Raise standards of behaviour and service by finding different, and better ways to do things.
  • Seek new ideas and offer solutions.
  • Monitor, identify and implement new or external trends.
  • Offer a safe, positive environment for new ideas and creative thinking.
  • Fun and innovative interactions with our team and customers.


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  • Ensure a fair return on investment.
  • Provide strategic direction and intent.
  • Effective and efficient use and application of our resources.
  • Understand and satisfy the expectations of the shareholders in regard to financial return, growth and sustainability.
  • Have a reasonable expectation of success.
  • A culture of “no surprises”.