The best fire suppression system for your needs

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The best fire suppression system for your needs

Suppression systems differ from common sprinkler systems in the way they fight a fire. They are chiefly used where water spray would prove ineffective or where it would cause damage or danger. Water is used in certain systems, but in the form of a fine mist that doesn’t drench an area to the same extent and uses much less water. Other fire suppression systems employ gas, foam or chemical agents. As leaders in fire protection, our expertise and experience can be relied upon to specify the best fire suppression system for your needs.

  • Mist systems

    Relatively straightforward and cost-effective, water mist suppression is also the most environmentally-friendly option. In certain industrial applications it’s the most effective too, such as with Class B flammable liquids. Different pressure systems are available, meaning water-mist suppression can be a versatile fire protection tool.

  • Gas-based systems

    Gaseous suppression deprives a fire of oxygen. Its qualities mean it is ideal for applications such as server rooms and other locations with sensitive electrical equipment, and where suppression would involve such things as cabinets and other spaces. The gases used range from straight CO2 to purpose-mixed inert compounds. Because CO2 displaces oxygen it’s not suitable where people may be present, but other inert gaseous compounds can be deployed safely.

  • Foam supression

    Certain applications demand chemical foam fire suppression. Examples include electrical transformers and oil tanks where a foam deluge is required. Another specialised application is in commercial kitchens, using clean foaming agents that deploy locally while minimising damage and clean-up.