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Cultural and Venues

Challenges, specifics and insights

Egress versus controlled access, smoke machines, hot and powerful lighting, crowded on-licence venues and the risk of false activation–these are just some of the fire-protection challenges in the cultural and venue sector.

The wider fire industry works to mitigate some of these issues in consultation with venue architects, meanwhile here at Argus we share our practical experience freely. From cabling that helps enable the architect's vision, to door and alarm control that doesn’t restrict the performance, it's often the details that make a difference.

Optimising a fire-protection solution in this sector demands a close understanding of activities and usage. Unlike an office or factory, where these kind of things reman relatively fixed and predictable, change is a constant. Even if the type of activity remains the same, performances and staging will always be shifting. Including such things as performance length, which can pose challenges for things like isolation timers. Knowledge and experience of the sector goes a long way in being able to plan for his level of flux.

Understanding levels of occupancy is another key determinant in venues. It can dictate the kind of fire suppression used, making further demands on control systems, installation and architectural requirements.

Specialised solutions
It isn’t just concert venues that like to push the boundaries of performance, with things like smoke machines. Kitchens in hospitality venues pose known challenges with smoke and flame, however these are usually well covered. It’s when a venue introduces a hazard not normally associated with its usage that things start to get interesting. An example might be a bar specialising in a smoke-infused cocktail, demanding the ability to discern between smoke, flame and heat.

Ceiling heights can vary greatly between and within venues. Experience in designing the layout of detectors and other equipment is very useful here, as is our range of specialised tools and equipment to enable access, inspection or repair.

Design trends for open spaces at height that can be painted various colours also pose issues, including for things like conventional smoke detectors. Our wide range includes detectors capable of dealing with different colours.

The atmosphere associated with heritage venues is a precious commodity. Protecting it while dealing with the demands of fire regulation, including building code triggers, requires skilful navigation. It’s something we’re well versed in, working alongside fire engineers and venue owners to achieve the best results possible.

The Argus difference
We love working within the cultural and venue sector because it demands creative thinking and methodical planning. Our experience of the sector gives us a real edge when it comes to coping with its sometimes unpredictable demands.

There’s no need to make smoke, lighting, heat, controlled access or any of the other issues that come with fire protection in a venue become a source of stress. Talk to us at Argus and we’ll find a solution that’s as creative and professional as you are.