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Challenges, specifics and insights
Our widespread experience of the education sector has taught us how crucially important it is to understand the specific needs of each institution. These can involve things like meeting established KPIs, or the differences between a direct relationship versus a facilities contractor, demanding a clear set of expectations from the outset. There are also many stakeholders involved.

Handling the transition of fire protection is just one of several potentially high-stress areas, part of a wider picture driven by the responsibility for so many people across a campus. Different uses and different environments set different priorities, from hazards in laboratories or workshops to evacuating packed lecture theatres. Each educational setting involves unique challenges.

Social etiquette matters too. Navigating different views, even things like managing bathroom designations, requires careful thought and actions. Plus there’s always the potential for disruptive behaviours that wouldn’t arise among employees, say, including dealing with things like ‘O’ weeks.

Specialised solutions
As bastions of thought leadership and research, tertiary educational institutions naturally seek innovation in their overall fire protection. As leaders in our field, we take pride in providing innovative, effective solutions for our education clients, while using the opportunity of partnership to learn even more. More than once, we’ve co-established a learning campus for our own staff, demonstrating our commitment and alignment in values. The lessons from these now inform our whole induction process.

Aside from technical solutions, managing multiple and sometimes complex stakeholder relationships can be critical to achieving a workable cross-campus fire-protection solution. Our experience in this regard is second to none and helps us deal with the kind of complications that come with dozens of separate, disparate facilities.

The research priorities of tertiary education often demand specialised solutions. Such research can involve hazards like the storage of viruses, housing animals and bio-matter on site, and related fire-protection system issues such as noise, light or strobe lighting. This demands a robust knowledge of how to handle the risks to students, staff, our own staff and others, along with respecting confidentiality.

The Argus difference
We’ve learned how daunting the complexity and stress of transitioning fire-protection arrangements can be for this sector. Our experience handling these transitions means we know effective ways to manage them well and minimise issues, heading most off before they even arise. The peace of mind this brings is incalculable.

Another place where surprises are most unwelcome is in the financial area, especially after a tough few years in the education industry. We’re adept at minimising these surprises, supplying things like a whole-of-life asset register to manage legacy and ageing equipment. With the right measures, educational providers are better able to budget ahead for renewal or replacement, bringing additional peace of mind.

Furthermore, our breadth and depth of experience means we fully understand the importance of  terms, semester breaks and exams, and how important it is to plan around them. Whether it’s surveying, compliance or even navigating access to somewhere tricky like a lab, we’re prepared and professional about the whole process.

If you're looking for a fire-protection partner who understands the scrutiny, accountability and process you have to deal with as an educational institution, call us. Our comprehensive, professional knowledge gives you the surety things are done right while our understanding and flexible approach means we can fit your needs seamlessly.