Manufacturing and Processing

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Manufacturing and Processing

Challenges, specifics and insights
Manufacturing and processing sites can be complex. Typically, there will be machinery and extraction ducting to work around, sprinklers to install in the structure itself as well as machinery, ducting or storage racks. There are often also special hazards to consider and multiple buildings on a site that can differ widely, from relatively safe to intrinsically hazardous. Specific needs might include dust-free environments and particular vulnerabilities that affect the type of fire suppression needed.

Other fire-protection challenges in the sector can include significant heat sources, hazardous chemicals, gasses and the very significant fire risk of plastics. Over the past 30 or 40 years the growth of plastics in packaging has seen this risk amplify massively, while plastics also crop up in building materials such as expanded polystyrene sandwich panels.

Unlike, say, a simple storage warehouse there’s a lot that can go wrong. And when a company takes over a new building without undertaking due diligence, the actual fire-protection needs can come as a shock.

Specialised solutions
Managing the complexity of fire protection in a manufacturing or processing facility demands sophisticated design coordination. At Argus we have a dedicated design team that employs 3D modelling to ensure all the right things are in the right places, which minimises errors and the need for rework.

We also have a team dedicated to special hazard systems, including gas flooding systems. Their specialised knowledge makes all the difference when it comes to creating effective, comprehensive fire-protection solutions for the manufacturing and processing industries.

Our in-depth understanding also means we can help with architectural solutions that may be the only way to ensure a system works as intended, while also satisfying aesthetic requirements.

The Argus difference
Successful management of the complexity that characterises these sectors is only possible through the dedicated 3D-design and special-hazard teams we have at Argus.

It’s a level of sophistication that can really work for clients by involving us as early as possible. Reducing or eliminating surprises and rework pays significant dividends. We also pride ourselves on flexibility where circumstance suggest a layered approach, with a base build then options for additional protection at a later stage.

The benefits of working with Argus also go beyond design and installation. We offer comprehensive testing and servicing, able to help keep your operations are safe and compliant well into the future.

If you have responsibility for manufacturing or processing facilities and want your fire protection to be the best, then speak to us. From upgrades to a complete fit-out, servicing and maintenance to compliance, you can count on Argus for the assurance of fire protection that works for your tomorrow.